We mirror our hearts

Out walking today I saw a couple of cool things – ducks to start with:

And then a lovely reflection, a tree mirroring itself in the water:

It got me thinking. We do this, mirror ourselves. Whatever is in our hearts, we see around us. Some people, regardless of how awful their lives are, see beauty around them. They have the ability to see the good side, to rejoice in small pockets of joy rather than raging at the darkness.

They live in love, they live in God. ( 1 John 4:15-17)

It’s what I aspire to. quite often this isn’t the case. I get cross at how insular and selfish people can be… and in doing so mirror that part in myself that looks… just like it.

Perhaps that’s why the Bible tells us to concentrate on the good and lovely in the world (Philippians 4:8). Perhaps in doing so, those things begin to reflect themselves upon our hearts.


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