AEDM Day 25 and #347 – Flood

For Art Every Day Month  – I’m still sewing (I will fill a  bird in next I think)… and today the pooch and I went for an evening walk, the sky was lovely. Lastly, for Sunday Scribblings I wrote the poem underneath these photos…



in the flood of it

I lose you.

Among the chores

our friends

our family

the working week

our hobbies…

We seem to pass each other by

only stop to curl together in the night.

But then a small moment

a pause in the proceedings

causes me to look at you

love floods through me

thanking God for you

I remember why we married.


7 thoughts on “AEDM Day 25 and #347 – Flood

  1. Beautiful words of love, a story true of so many of our lives, always so busy, but when we take a moment to breathe, we see all that we need right there before us. I truly loved this poem!

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