Finding our way

I’m so looking forward to heaven.

Not because I am fed up with this life, there is so much beauty in the world to love and celebrate… take this amazing tree I saw yesterday while walking the dog somewhere new:


I turned the corner and just stood and said wow! Its a big tree too.

But in heaven… I will be able to sit with Jesus and ask him stuff face to face. I’m so envious of what the disciples had – to be able to look at Jesus and say “what did you mean by that?”.

I know we still can today, I know we can come to him in prayer and have his ear (wow!). I know he speaks to us through the Bible, circumstance and other Christians as well as directly into the quiet of our own hearts.

But all the same.

When I read about Mary quietly sitting at Jesus feet or Martha making him dinner… It makes me long for heaven.

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