#vegan street food – Sri Lankan Dahl and last night’s parotta

Our venture in to vegan street food continued today with coconut and lentil dahl with a spicy onion topping all mopped up with left over parrota:


It was very nice, not as spicy as I had expected, but that could be because we both have the lurgy. R couldn’t taste it at all and it has mustard seeds in the topping!
This meal is something I could make in large batches and freeze for quick dinners. Its protien level makes it extra good, the lentils having over 23 grams of protein for each of us, a great boost when boots web md recommend at least 45 grams for a woman my age each day.

So in spite of being ill, we vote this meal a success and give it a foodie cool board score of cool.


#vegan street food – Kotthu Parotta

I got a new recipe book at Christmas: vegan street food.
Tonight I cooked Kotthu Parotta, which is spicy fried roti with vegetables.


I confess, I didn’t have high hopes for it, but was pleasantly surprised as it tasted really good.
There were a couple of downfalls with the recipe: the roti take a lot of time and effort to make and are high in calories. If I do this again I will buy low fat flatbreads from the supermarket.

All in all it was very tasty  and on that basis gets a subzero from me.