#veganuary day 20 #wickedkitchen at @tescosuk

We thought we would have a treat and we were interested in what tescos new range of plant based ready meals were like, so we tried a couple:

I have to say, they were both totally delicious.

They aren’t huge, and R would need more food for the main meal of the day, although they were right for me.

Also at £4 each, they make an expensive meal, but they are cheaper than takeaway and really good quality, making them a valid treat in our opinion.

All in all we loved them and will be buying more.

#veganuary day 15

Banana and raisin cake…

2 bananas mashed

3tbsp vegetable oil

3 tbsp soya or oat milk

150g self raising flour

3 tbsp of xylitol (or sugar)

1tsp mixed spice

40g raisins

Mix all the dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately.

Then mix them together and bake in the oven at 200C until brown on top and you can stick a knife in it which comes out clean.

#veganuary day 10

Home made chocolates…

The big ones are almond and date truffles covered I’m chocolate and the rest are either plain or have a cherry or crystallised ginger added.

The recipient I use is:

100g cocoa butter

100g cacao powder

100g agave syrup

3g vanilla

Melt the cocoa butter, stir in the vanilla then the cacao. Add the agave syrup and stir 100 times.

Pur into silicone moulds.

The truffles are soaked dates blitzed to a creamy consistency and ground almonds added until you have a dough like texture.

Eat… Once set if you can wait 🙂

#veganuary day 9

Big Mac n not cheese..

Ahh I love Mac n cheese, and as it happens you can still eat it as a Vegan:

The Big Mac I used was..

And the cheese on top…

So I cooked 200g of the pasta, and while that was on the go, I made the sauce with:

2 tbsp chickpea flour (you can use ordinary plain flour)

1 tbsp vegetable oil

10g nutritional yeast

2tsp English mustard powder

400ml soya milk (use oat milk if you can’t have soya)

Salt and pepper

This is the mild version, if you fancy it stronger add

1tsp extra mustard

10g more nutritional yeast

10g of the violife

Mix the cooked pasta with the sauce, grate some violife on top and bake in the oven till brown.

It makes about 700g cooked. Yum…

#veganuary day 7

Mystery food…

You know, that stuff in the freezer you forgot to label.

We needed a quick meal, and the mystery food turned out to be spicy vegetable stew.

I tend to make stuff in bulk and freeze it for moments just like this, where we want to jus get in and eat. It took ten minutes from freezer to plate.

It just shows that being vegan doesn’t have to be difficult and can still be healthy when you are in a hurry.

#Veganuary day 6

And today its stoup… Too thick to be called soup, too think to be called stew:

It was:

One butternut squash

Two parsnips

Three carrots

One onion

A cup of red lentils

One tablespoon of vegan bullion

Two tablespoons of tandoori spices

All in the slow cooker and covered in boiling water.

Cook till soft and then mash. Serve with nice bread rolls.

Feeds about eight.

#Veganuary day 3

A quick meal tonight, meat(less)balls, tomato and spinach sauce, spaghetti and peas:

The meatballs are from Asda, who, generally don’t have much vegan wise, but they are the only supermarket that I have found meatballs that are vegan… And naan bread as it happens.

So the sauce was:

2 cans of tinned tomatoes

6 balls of frozen spinach

Nutritional yeast

Salt and pepper

Balsamic vinegar


Mixed herbs

Everything else was as is. It all took about half an hour to prepare and cook. A good week day meal in our books 😀

#Veganuary day 1

So today its:

Chava Eichner’s Stuffed Seitan Roast

You can get the recipe by clicking the link.

We really enjoyed this meal and had it with broccoli, chips and gravy.

If you weren’t feeling brave enough to have seitan (yes, it does sound like Satan and we have done all the jokes about boiling, frying and baking seitan) you could always use jus roll pastry instead.

You can buy both nutritional yeast and wheat gluten on Amazon for the seitan.

Seitan is a very good meat replacement nutritionally but it can be tricky to make and this recipe is one of the best I have found.

I hope you enjoy it.