New year, new #food

This year I am going to blog as much of our food as I can through January.

This is because it is Veganuary and although you may not want to go completely vegan for a whole month, you might like to try some of the food Rob and I eat.

Some of the food will be proper recipes with links to where you can find ingredients you might not have in your cupboard, and others will be easy peasy food like the curry we eat…

One can of chickpease

Six balls of frozen spinach

One curry sauce eg. Lloyd Grossman Balti

Naans from Asda as they have giant vegan ones in various flavours.

Mango chutney….

Job done 🙂

I hope you enjoy trying new food… Do let me know what you like!

Middle Eastern style #vegan Bake

We tried something new for dinner tonight, this middle eastern vegan bake via one green planet:


I didn’t use any coconut oil or the vegan spread as I thought the oil in the recipe was enough – and I used un-fancy vegetable oil rather than olive oil.

It was a really tasty meal which I enjoyed very much. R wasn’t so fussed, but that’s because as he said, it’s basically lasagne without the pasta.

If you like your middle eastern flavours I would say it needs a LOT more spices.
That being said, I still loved it and would definitely make it again.

#vegan meatballs and spaghetti

Tonight I made meatballs with soya mince, Italian herbs, sweet potato, vitalite and flour:


They were nice but I think they would have been better with chilli, garlic and ginger.

At least they were better than the black bean and rice burger fail from the other night. You live and learn.

For afters I had a vegan cornetto from tescos:


Not as good as Swedish glace, but still nice.

Over all I think tonight got an over all rating of cool.