Book Review: a Year’s Journey with God by Jennifer Rees Larcombe and for everyone books by Tom Wright

There are a million different types of books and notes out there in order to help you read the bible. What you use depends on how you approach reading or learning as a whole, but two of the best I have come across are a Year’s Journey with God by Jennifer Rees Larcombe and the  for everyone books by Tom Wright.

The ever lovely people at Hodder Faith sent me a Year’s Journey, and having read a week or so of it, I am loving it.  Rees Larcome finds that subtle balance between taking note of the piece of scripture at hand and applying it to our everyday lives. So often i have read bible notes and wondered what on earth what the writer has said, has got to do with the passage they have chosen.

In contrast here I found myself entering into the passage and identifying with it through Rees Larcome’s application. Using accessible and approachable language, she gently draws the reader towards God – it is a thoughtful and and uplifting start to the day, and I found my thoughts coming back to it as I got on with the business of life.

I have also been reading John for everyone by Tom Wright. I am a great fan of all Tom Wright’s for everyone series. It shares the accessible language of Rees Larcome’s book, and for those who would love to attempt a deeper theological exposition of scripture, but like me find themselves with the book in one hand and the dictionary in the other… and none the wiser.. Wright’s books are a revelation. His clear explanation of what has been written and why is set in the style of daily readings and all that these books have taught me is frankly, really cool!

So whether you are looking for life application or scriptural explanation, these two books are well worth your time and money.