#Church, #NadiaBolz-Weber and true #community

I have just listened to Nadia Bolz-Weber on the world service, you can hear her here:


Now it is very easy to get caught up in the so called radical elements of her church, ie their understanding of LGTB people, but that is not what I want to talk about here, important though it is.

Instead I want to mention the beautiful things she has to say about community and real church.
One small enough to know people’s stories, one led by the people and set up in such a way that Jesus is at the Centre, not leaders or music or other things that hamstring churches.


Of course this isn’t heaven, I’m sure the church had its fair share of problems. But listening to Nadia’s theology and ideas for how church should be, I find I have come home. It makes me want to learn more from her and her church and to find ways to replicate it in my small corner of England.

How lovely it is to find someone who inspires you to show more of the love of Jesus where you live.