Using the #Enneagram locally

I’m trying to raise £300 to buy Suzanne Stabile’s 12 week Enneagram course so that I can deliver it locally for free.
The Enneagram is an amazing personality tool which helps people grow in compassion for others and themselves. What a great way to promote good #mentalhealth and #socialwellbeing

Visualising The Road Back to You by @SuzanneStabile & @iancron #enneagram eight

Having read Richard Rohr’s book on the enneagram, I was happy to start reading Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile’s book on the topic. It has been very interesting reading a book written by a “one” and then reading one written by a “four” and a “two”.

I am loving the road back to you. The enneagram is giving me great insight in to my own workings. Also i want to understand it well enough to use it to better serve the young people I work with.

Being a visual person, I have found it helpful to begin to do a visual representation of each number. As the book starts with eight so have I. Mind you, being a seven, I have had to resist the urge to do all the numbers I have read so far right now and ignore the washing, ironing and dishes. Let’s face it, even if you’re not a seven, coloured pens are always going to be more fun than ironing.  

Here it is:

It wasn’t until I drew this I realised the only number an eight is not potentially influenced by a a four. I wonder if that means eights find fours the most difficult to understand?
Anyway, the more I read, the more I learn. The enneagram may not be scientific as such, but it turns out to be an uncanny and accurate tool for undoing some of the knots in my life and if that leads me to a closer relationship with God and a more compassionate one with other people, well it’s all good.