Beautiful & interesting things from around the net

It has been a busy week, so a number of cool and interesting things have been sitting on my phone ready to read or watch. I finally caught up with them all today and these are the best:

From TED, the most lovely visual performance from Miwa Matreyek described as:

 “a gorgeous, meditative piece about inner and outer discovery

And a thought provoking piece about motivation and apathy from Dave Meslin identifying seven barriers to motivation.

Elsewhere I came across Faith Street which has articles from people of all sorts of faiths, including a lot of christian writers including:
Philip Yancy
Shane Claibourne
Tony Campolo
Rick Warren

In the Guardian, Katie Carter explains why she loves running so much… I wish I loved it enough to be this motivated!

And back on TED there is a whole list of videos just waiting to inspire us all to better writing. Enjoy 😀

#Runningapp Fit Radio

Name a price and you could spend it on stuff connected to running.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. Waffling around the Internet this morning I came across a free android app called FIT radio. it’s really good! There are lots of different genres to choose between and different tempos for whatever your work out, including “meathead” for weights, yoga music, cardio and the one I chose, 5/10K run.
It made my four mile run this morning much more enjoyable and faster!
Worth a try I reckon.