#Bookreview Rob Bell’s #novel Millones Cajones

So I just finished reading Rob Bell’s novel Millones Cajones and oh my goodness it’s beautiful. And clever. And free…
You can get it here:

It has also been a timely read for me, but then I suspect it’s theme is one an awful lot of people need to think about.

As ever Rob Bell is clever, deep and interesting. His book is one I will have to read more than once as I percolate its meaning to me…

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have.

A good word about #RobBell

My husband and i have benefited greatly from the work if Rob Bell, and right now we are loving his and Kristen Bell’s new book The Zimzum of Love.

Its nice to see a sensible word about him, take a look:



Photo via Relevant Magazine