The importance of investing in the #small

Democracy is overrated. Or at least ours is. True democracy is of course, priceless, but when you have to put up with a government you didn’t vote for and more to the point, you couldn’t even vote for the party you wanted to it doesn’t look so rosy.

And then there are multinational corporations. You know, the people who have more power than the government. The organisations which really run our lives. Just look at the climate change issue. Or fair trade. Or the living wage.

It makes you wonder what an average Joe could do.

Small actions when lots of people do them add up to world changing big actions, but what if you look around you and you feel like the only one taking any action?

But wait. Your action might not change the world, but it does change you. And lets face it, regardless of what happens in the world, you are still going to have to live your life, and those around you are still going to have to live with you.

If it is right to take care of the planet, it is, regardless of whether anyone else is or not.

For your soul’s sake, invest in the small.

Besides, some people do end up as world changers and they all had to start somewhere, so never despise the small.


In the end, the colour of your soul is not changed by the number of online petitions you sign, especially if you have slid into slackivism.

But it is changed by the grace of God as you take each small choice, each action and offer it up to him as worship. As we do things because the are right and good, regardless of whether or not they change the world, we find that instead, we are changed and the potential that others around us will be changed appears.

All it takes is one small flame to burst the dark.

Where do you stand?

So many people are turned off by politics. It seems so full of people who frankly, might as well be from a different planet.
We see politicians talk about the UK being in recovery, and most people’s response is “really? I hadn’t noticed”.

However we DO all have opinions on political issues. The country has shown it’s anger at the political class by using UKIP to give them a kick up the rear, but I think we can do better than UKIP.

So, in the wake of the local and European elections a website like is worth a look.

I had a go at their quiz and it came out pretty acute for my political leanings. As a youth worker, I will be encouraging young adults to have a go as we get closer to the general election next year. In the meantime it’s a gentle way for us all to reengage in politics.
We might not like what we see, but the only way for it to change is if we participate on mass.