The Master Gardener

I have a ton of guilt. 
No job 
Not contributing to society  
Or household income. 
And at this moment  
Not doing the housework either. 

But I just want to be  
With You, 
Here in the garden. 

It seems to me  
That so much  
Of Your business  
Is conducted in gardens.  
The master gardener  
Of hearts and souls  
Of created order  
And heavenly shalom. 

National #poetry day

As it’s national poetry day, here is a quote from Didn’t he ramble by Edward Kamau Braithwaite:

Bring me now where the warm wind
blows, where the grasses
sigh, where the sweet
tongue’d blossom flowers

where the showers
fan soft like a fisherman’s
net thrown through the sweet-
ened air

Bring me now where the workers
rest, where the cotton drifts,
where the rivers are
and the minstrel sits

on the logwood stump
with the dreams of his slow guitar

#poetry -Vulnerability

Better a word shared than not said at all,

better to stretch, to open to give

than to hide in lonely safety.

We weren’t made to solidify,

to grind to an inevitable halt

to fossilise until we are

merely a record of who we were.

The give may burn

but what rises from the ashes

is a life made pure in love

the connective bond

which calls out our humanity

to live another day.

#poetry Thankyou Mr. T.

Thank you.

I never say it enough

Not about what matters.

So easy to say thank you

For a door held open

A cup of tea

Or a fork passed.

But what I really want to say is…

Thank you for loving me

At my most morning grouch,

Thank you for holding me

In my darkest grieving. 

Thank you for doing what you said you would right at the start, 

Even though it has meant sickness as well as health,

More skint than rich,

More moving house,

And changing jobs 

Than either of us imagined.

Thank you so much for making me laugh so much,

For showing interest in the garden, 

When you could be gaming.

Thank you for being

My life partner in crime,

But most of all,

Thank you 

for being you.