I just read this article about the generosity of God:

And it reminded me of a conversation I had had about how hard it can be to ‘get’ the love of God. We are so used to everything being conditional, so used to the mist beautiful love coming from imperfect people.
So it’s a real mind bender when we come into contact with love which really is unconditional, and so… Large.

You defeated death and wiped away our sin. It would have been more than enough, but you daily draw us close to you in compassion and kindness.

You made all these and that would have been enough, but then you caused me to see and enjoy them:





Three Colours


Orange, green and brown – the colours of  change, hope and comfort:

Growing things has always brought me comfort – nothing remains the same in the garden, winter never lasts, new blooms come.

Where there is now nothing, in the late spring early summer there will be orange sweet peas – my little green frog, hoping the seeds will all germinate 😀

sweet peas 1

sweet peas 2

sweet peas 3