Okara sea burgers

I have started making soya milk again, because it is cheaper and it means we are no longer swimming in a sea of tetra packs.

Its by product, okara, is very nutritious and full of protein so I have started experimenting with recipes. Today we had okara sea burgers.

This was the okara from 2 litres (1 cup of dry soya beans) of soya milk - about 400g 
Added in, half a mushroom stock cube,
1 carrot grated
4 spring onions chopped finely
1 nori sheet cut up into small strips (use scissors,.much easier than a knife)
2 heaped dessert spoons of corn flour
80g of plain flour
Salt and pepper
2 dessert spoons of oil

Sweet chilli sauce for dipping.

Mix all the ingredients with enough water to make a dough and then shape into small patties (or sausage shape if you have a 4 year old who won't eat it if it's any other shape).

Air fry for 10 minutes at 200 C or fry in a pan.

They are mild enough for a preschooler to eat (he had his with ketchup) and are tasty dipped in sweet chilli sauce.

We ate ours with noodles, mange tout and mushrooms.