All things #New Year’s Day including first #journal page of the year

This year instead of resolutions, I have decided to go for goals.

The difference may well only be in my head, but it feels much more positive and doable to me.

They are fairly predictable and revolve around my relationship with:


But they are all things which feel hopeful.  It has been born out of the middle of a mindfulness course at the moment.

It is helping me take a different approach to life. Instead of fighting the things I want to change, i am instead, learning a more peaceful approach.

For example instead of fighting the temptation to eat my own weight in chocolate, I am learning to walk away and do something more productive instead.

Its how I have been teaching teens to deal with bullies for years.

Anyway, the bible puts it this way:

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.
Romans 12:18

I think that includes living at peace with myself.

To finish, one of my goals is to journal smash book style each week. This is today’s page:


And if you would like the journal cards I made, here they are:


Happy New Year x


The New Year approaches

It’s that time of year. The new year resolution, keep it till half way through January, time. I have all the usual desires for the new year, which pretty much boil down to spending my time more effectively and being a nicer person.

But my deepest desire is to be closer to God.

I’m reading “Christ plays in ten thousand places” by Eugene Peterson – its one of those read a paragraph, stop and think about it books. And it is fuelling my desire for a deeper spirituality.

So my 2013 commitments are:

1. Spending proper time with Jesus each day, praying, reading His word.

2. Doing house work more often than last year

3. Eating properly all the time and exercising each week


But I know, that for 2013 to be successful I must remember that “She who kneels before God can stand before anyone”

She who kneels before God