National #poetry day

As it’s national poetry day, here is a quote from Didn’t he ramble by Edward Kamau Braithwaite:

Bring me now where the warm wind
blows, where the grasses
sigh, where the sweet
tongue’d blossom flowers

where the showers
fan soft like a fisherman’s
net thrown through the sweet-
ened air

Bring me now where the workers
rest, where the cotton drifts,
where the rivers are
and the minstrel sits

on the logwood stump
with the dreams of his slow guitar

#Poetry – my first #sonnet – A Sonnet of Dark and Light

I have been inspired by Radio 4’s recent day of poetry to have a go at writing sonnets… this is my first attempt:

A Sonnet of Dark and Light

How slow these dark and trouble filled nights can go.
The clouds swirling in oppressive plumes and drown
Any thought of starlight or gentle moon glow,
The one comfort is duvet wrapped around.

Here morning light comes in grey and mellow
Cocooning bed warmth slowly receding
And hot steaming tea a welcome fellow
It washes the last tangles of mourning.

Now the greatest choice lies ahead, bright day
Or sapping night, the way forward is mine
A choice to take or waste fretting away
The power here to take up is divine.

A bright future of soft gentle moonlight
and a heart filled with given love so bright.

#thinkofapoem for #nationalpoetryday

Here in the UK, its national poetry day this Thursday. The theme is to remember, so i thought i might write a few poems on the subject. Here is the first:

I remember
Doorstep sandwiches
Woodpecker cider
Pork pie.
Making mud and straw
On the driveway
And cheering on
Big Daddy.
I remember
Your warmth
And your smile,
Its been a long time
But you are with me