The Blurt #buddybox

Last week I had some rather amazing post.

Admittedly I had ordered this Blurt buddy box for myself, but I had forgotten and it came at just the right moment:


There are all sorts of reasons moving house is stressful, and I find it to say the least, difficult. It tests my wellness to the limit.

So the buddy box is a delight. There are lots of really lovely things in it. Not just coloured pencils, but nice coloured pencils. And the same goes for all the items. I am especially enjoying the sleep balm. I’m not sure it is making any difference to my sleep, but it smells lovely and is very comforting.

Buddy boxes, while worth the money, given the contents, are not cheap and I couldn’t see any of my family buying a subscription for me, even if they really wanted to, they just don’t have the cash.

I wonder if there might be any way of subsidising the cost, perhaps companies might like to get in board and donate nice things.

Any way, I think it’s is a stroke of genius in the part if Blurt and I hope they are able to continue with them.

I think I might ask my family to buy me a line off one as a birthday present.

And we are in

We moved into our new home yesterday. It has all been thankfully much better than the last move, but then we have learnt our lesson and we won’t be trying to do everything at once. Most of the house needs redecorating and there are some interesting diy electrics which will need some professional attention, but over Christmas we are planning just to do the living room. See below for a collection of rooms that at least need a change of colour. The room with all the boxes? Yes, that really is a cerise carpet and pink walls…