#bookreview the #comic Strong Female Protagonist

Before you sign off because this is a comic, wait. I can faithfully say that this web comic has made me think as much as some of the heavyweight books i have read, and the journey was much more enjoyable. 


Strong female protagonist is the story of a young woman with extraordinary abilities trying to find a way in the world, which as it happens cant have its problems solved by might alone.
In other words, its a treatise on life. One which i thoroughly recommend – do read it from the beginning, it will be worth your while.

Today’s #poetry She walks down the street


I see her
In her little strappy top
And faded jogging bottoms.
She must be size twenty,
I wish I was size ten
And hate my fourteen fat.
But she glides down the street
Her carefree heart
Right there on her sleave
She is a true woman,
While I wrestle
The image octopus.
She is stunning