#eco #review Soapnuts 

So I have tried various eco washing powders and the like and to be honest, they might be environmentaly friendly but…

They don’t get your clothes clean. Which makes them pretty pointless really.

But then along came Soapnuts. Oh my goodness they actually work. And if you buy them in bulk, they don’t cost any more than any other clothes washing.

I use seven nuts in each wash, and use those seven four times. After which I boil them up and use the liquid as surface cleaner. 

Finally something which my concience and my clothes can be happy about. You can get them at www.soapnuts.co.uk

Mighty Good #ethical underwear

During lent I pledged not to buy new clothes for a year, but instead to only repair and buy second hand as a way to love a little more gently on the planet.
Which I will continue to do except… who wants second hand pants?

This is where the Mighty Good come to the rescue.


I’m really hoping their crowdfund is successful, because I think I could get lovely new pants without welching on my commitment. This is because they use organic fair trade cotton. On top of that, doesn’t all this sound good:

*Made from 95% super soft-on-the-skin organic cotton and 5% elastane for fit and durability

*Styles, fits and shapes sure-fire tested and scrutinised by our friends and peers to ensure the perfect fit

*Brushed elastic on the waistband for extra comfort and style.

*We use eco-friendly and colourfast dyes that are suitable for washing in cold water.

*Has five different underwear styles for women and 2 different styles for men in black, nude and white.

*Styles to suit all shapes and sizes from size 6 to sizes 20 for women and sizes XS to XL for men.

*Has no dangerous chemicals used in the production process meaning that there are no dangerous chemical residues on the fabric when you wear them.

Yes, I intend to save the planet, one pair of pants at a time 🙂

Finding ways to #reduce and #reuse rather than #recycle

We all know that the whole “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” thing is in order of preference as far as caring for the earth goes. Which is why I am scouring Pinterest for home made house hold recipes. Using a lemon to clean the microwave has to have less impact than nasty chemicals and the plastic bottle it comes in.

And I am sure I can buy bigger bottles of olive oil and honey than I can your average hair mask… and definitely less chemicals there.

While I am dubious of the effectiveness of home made deodorant, its got to be worth a try right?

So lovely human beans… do you have anything else I can add to my Pinterest board?