100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts

Life is very busy at the moment, certainly as far as head space goes anyway, so sadly I wont be attempting nanowrimo this year.

But I still want to write.

So I am setting myself a little challenge of my own, to write creatively each day through November. This list of prompts seems like a good place to prepare…

Scribbling on the Computer

A list of prompts has been floating around on the internet – I was told it originated on DeviantART – and after having successfully used the prompts, I share them with you.  You pick a list (I have two right here) and write something for each theme.  Poems, drabbles, short stories, journal entries, anything. A group of us from Holy Worlds are using the list to outline an entire novel to be written for NaNoWriMo. I just finished my outline today. 😀 You would be shocked to find how easy it is to create an entire, round, detailed plot just by using each theme to create a scene.

The Original List
1. Introduction
2. Complicated
3. Making History
4. Rivalry
5. Unbreakable
6. Obsession
7. Eternity
8. Gateway
9. Death
10. Opportunities
11. 33%
12. Dead Wrong
13. Running Away
14. Judgment
15. Seeking Solace
16. Excuses
17. Vengeance

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#thinkofapoem for #nationalpoetryday

Here in the UK, its national poetry day this Thursday. The theme is to remember, so i thought i might write a few poems on the subject. Here is the first:

I remember
Doorstep sandwiches
Woodpecker cider
Pork pie.
Making mud and straw
On the driveway
And cheering on
Big Daddy.
I remember
Your warmth
And your smile,
Its been a long time
But you are with me


Very short stories on Twitter

I have come across a great twitter theme: short stories. Done very well by @VeryShortStories.
So today I had a couple of goes myself:

Having been written off at school she wanted to return with her dyslexia report in one hand and her 2:1 degree in the other @VeryShortStory

Comfortable shoes & and pouring coffee for the regulars. How simple all this was compared to her secret superhero shift. #veryshortstories

And then I thought, why not have a go at “chapters”. Here are the first two:


It took six months to recuperate from the weightlessness of the journey. All the time she dreamt of going outdoors. #part1 #veryshortstories

Finally they were free to enter the city, her arm still ached from the vaccination tattoo. Time to head for the bar #part2 #veryshortstories

You can follow the rest on my twitter: @knowingalice