Jack Monroe’s lentil dahl and soda bread

The foodie cool board returns with the amazing Jack Monroe recipes for lentil dahl and soda bread.
Not only did it fill R and I up, but as I grew the spinach, the whole meal cost us the grand total of £1.14
How amazing is that!
R gave it a rating of ok, but I loved it and would have given it a subzero… So I guess that makes its rating: cool.
Do go and have a look at all the recipes over on http://agirlcalledjack.com


Bread and Milk pudding

R is at work till midnight, so I took the chance to eat something I love and he hates… It would have been bread and butter pudding, but I didn’t have any butter.  Nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar made it very yummy all the same 🙂





Veg everyday – north African squash and chickpeas

I got Hugh Fearnly Wittinhall’s  veg cookbook for Christmas – it has lots of really nice looking recipies in it and the don’t have a gazillion ingredients in them, which makes them all the more approachable.

We had the north African squash and chickpeas last night – i really enjoyed it! R had chicken with his, but for me it felt like a proper meal, not just a pile of veg.

Anyway, we gave it a foodie rating of cool, and as it is vegan, it’s one we will be able to do in hay fever season when R can’t have any milk.


River Cottage we love you

This month’s copy of vegetarian living has some lovely things to eat. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has come up trumps with a new veggie cook book (that’s gone on my wish list!) and they have some of them in the magazine.

so far I have tried Vegeree – yes its kedgeree with aubergines rather than fish. It was really good, even R who doesn’t normally like aubergines liked it.

I would give it a foodie cool board rating of cool.

also in the magazine was chilli and black bean stew, which got a subzero from me, and next to try is falafel nutty roast… I reckon that will be good too 🙂

Apple crumble and the environment.

It’s been a long time since I have blogged regularly. More of that in posts to come. But in the meantime, I have discovered that making apple crumble with your own apples is great. No more going to the supermarket for really old apples, now R and I can nip out the back door a pick a few off the tree – what a luxury 🙂

It’s all rather good timing seeing as I have just been to the Enough Gathering – a weekend of thinking about what it means to take care of our planet by living lightly and taking action, run by A Rocha‘s Living Lightly and the Breathe network.

i have come home with a renewed passion to communicate these issues in the church I work for and attend. And a deeper appreciation of my apple tree.