New #free #artwork page

You may have noticed a new page on my blog. I am sharing some of my artwork, and you can have a copy of something for free!

Or the original for a donation to charity.

I will also take requests for a mixed media piece, also for a donation to charity. 

The charities are:



A Rocha UK

Sharing #creativity

I have a new page on facebook. It’s called speak your heart through creativity and I will be reposting beautiful things on topic and also posting some creative ideas for you to have a go at.

Enjoy 💜


Today’s #poem and #doodle “cornerstone”

I really love the hymn “Cornerstone” by Hillsong and it inspired today’s poem and doodle. You can hear the song HERE.


I am
Tethered to your heart.
The knowledge of your love;
The bonds that hold
My head above the water.
All you are,
Is all that matters
In the storms of my mind,
Your light is truth.
I find my way
Through the darkest days
The wisdom of your words
Anchors me.

Today’s #poetry (another one) Abstract in grey

I see your name
Abstract in grey
But you are neither dull
Nor lifeless
You have beautiful depths
I gaze at you,
Mind quiet
You flow into my inner world
Your subtle lines
Reminding me
Of the river on a rainy day.
What secrets do you hold?
How is it you have
Such power
To calm the mind
And quieter the spirit?
I leave you
Better than I came.