Digital #smashbooking, a couple of #apps and today’s #projectlife

I have been playing around with the app “layout” as a way of digital journaling. I quite like it, although I think I still prefer cutting and sticking, it makes a nice change. So this was today:


I also tried out the app “instaweather” (see top left of the collage) which is really cute – I can see myself using it a lot.
Anyway, today has been very peaceful, I have got some jobs done, eaten ice cream, walked, meditated, read the bible and been creative, so today definitely counts as a win 🙂


#Runningapp Fit Radio

Name a price and you could spend it on stuff connected to running.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. Waffling around the Internet this morning I came across a free android app called FIT radio. it’s really good! There are lots of different genres to choose between and different tempos for whatever your work out, including “meathead” for weights, yoga music, cardio and the one I chose, 5/10K run.
It made my four mile run this morning much more enjoyable and faster!
Worth a try I reckon.