#veganuary day 7

Mystery food…

You know, that stuff in the freezer you forgot to label.

We needed a quick meal, and the mystery food turned out to be spicy vegetable stew.

I tend to make stuff in bulk and freeze it for moments just like this, where we want to jus get in and eat. It took ten minutes from freezer to plate.

It just shows that being vegan doesn’t have to be difficult and can still be healthy when you are in a hurry.


#Veganuary day 6

And today its stoup… Too thick to be called soup, too think to be called stew:

It was:

One butternut squash

Two parsnips

Three carrots

One onion

A cup of red lentils

One tablespoon of vegan bullion

Two tablespoons of tandoori spices

All in the slow cooker and covered in boiling water.

Cook till soft and then mash. Serve with nice bread rolls.

Feeds about eight.

#Veganuary day 3

A quick meal tonight, meat(less)balls, tomato and spinach sauce, spaghetti and peas:

The meatballs are from Asda, who, generally don’t have much vegan wise, but they are the only supermarket that I have found meatballs that are vegan… And naan bread as it happens.

So the sauce was:

2 cans of tinned tomatoes

6 balls of frozen spinach

Nutritional yeast

Salt and pepper

Balsamic vinegar


Mixed herbs

Everything else was as is. It all took about half an hour to prepare and cook. A good week day meal in our books 😀

#Veganuary day 1

So today its:

Chava Eichner’s Stuffed Seitan Roast

You can get the recipe by clicking the link.

We really enjoyed this meal and had it with broccoli, chips and gravy.

If you weren’t feeling brave enough to have seitan (yes, it does sound like Satan and we have done all the jokes about boiling, frying and baking seitan) you could always use jus roll pastry instead.

You can buy both nutritional yeast and wheat gluten on Amazon for the seitan.

Seitan is a very good meat replacement nutritionally but it can be tricky to make and this recipe is one of the best I have found.

I hope you enjoy it.

New year, new #food

This year I am going to blog as much of our food as I can through January.

This is because it is Veganuary and although you may not want to go completely vegan for a whole month, you might like to try some of the food Rob and I eat.

Some of the food will be proper recipes with links to where you can find ingredients you might not have in your cupboard, and others will be easy peasy food like the curry we eat…

One can of chickpease

Six balls of frozen spinach

One curry sauce eg. Lloyd Grossman Balti

Naans from Asda as they have giant vegan ones in various flavours.

Mango chutney….

Job done 🙂

I hope you enjoy trying new food… Do let me know what you like!

#Veganism and #Christianity

Some religions have specific rules around what is acceptable to eat, where as Christianity allows its followers to eat whatever they like and in the same breath tells it’s followers not to look down on what other people choose to eat.

So where does this leave you if you are a vegan interested in Christianity or a Christian interested in veganism? In a pretty good place as it happens.

In the beginning.
Christianity teaches that God made the world (no arguments about how here please), that he made it good and he put humanity in charge of caring for it all. Now if someone dear to you handed over their prize possession and asked you to take care of it, you wouldn’t trash it, right?

As a Christian, my veganism is very much part of my love for God and all he has made. Also, I notice that before people mucked up their relationship with God, they were vegans, so I feel it is a very natural thing for me to be a vegan, all the while remembering not to judge those who eat meat. And speaking of judgement:

Love your neighbour as yourself
Jesus taught that we shouldn’t judge other people, which informs how I approach meat eaters. By the same token, it should mean that church is a place where vegans don’t get judged.

In reality it can be a place where misunderstanding around veganism is a rife as it is anywhere else, although I have to say in my own experience, church has been wonderful.

Our church did a rota of dinners (to bless us after the birth if our boy) which lasted us two weeks. And this from meat eaters who all cheerfully went online to look up vegan recipes to feed us.

Spreading the word
…On veganism is no different from talking about Christianity. You can’t make anyone believe anything. People look at our actions way more than words. Its why my husband and I don’t talk to people about becoming a vegan very often… But we do invite people round for dinner. It means we get to show hospitality towards others and they get to try food they might otherwise not have chosen.

At the end if the day kindness and genuine friendship are great helps to the cause… Both veganism and Christianity.