Putting On The Wakeful One: Attuning to the Spirit of Jesus through Watchfulness

A book on my wish list…

imageMy new book ‘Putting On The Wakeful One – Attuning to the Spirit of Jesus through Watchfulness’ is out on the 24th April and available for pre-order from Amazon.


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Setting Up Signposts

A beautiful, ongoing testamony to the love of God in the most difficult of times:


Set Up Signposts.    Make Landmarks.

Jeremiah 31:21

Five months ago Cancer forced his way, uninvited, into my home.  He took the best seat in the sitting room, put his feet up on the coffee table, demanded the remote control and settled in.  He lounged at my dining table and took over the ordering of my kitchen.   He is a most demanding guest who takes all and gives nothing in return.  He commandeered the diary and the schedule, dictates the when and the where.  He bullies and intimidates with his continual, ‘What if…’  He delights to narrow my life.

But Jesus also lives in my home, quieter and undemanding.   He lives and loves to give.   He is waiting by the front door to welcome me when I come home and to wave me off when I go out.  He waits at the top of the stairs when I go up and at the foot when I…

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The Budget – Feedback

This issue needs people’s voices HEARD…


Later today George Osborne is expected to make further cuts to disability benefits, this is likely to have adverse affects on those with mental health issues, tomorrow I want to show how these expected cuts are likely to affect people like us.

Drop me a comment or tweet me @BrizzleLass to let me know your thoughts (you can be anonymous if you want). Tomorrow I will publish the post with all of your thoughts on it and share how these cuts are likely to hurt real people…

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Interview With The Geeky Hooker

This is such a great article and shows how crochet can be so inventive and fun.


Health care professional by day, crochet ninja by night! If it’s fun and interesting to her, she’ll try to make it out of yarn!
She’s become a Twitter sensation, especially at the San Diego Comic-Con when she does her ‘Critter Drops’ all around the convention center.  We’ve been following her for years, trying to chase down one of her adorable creations.
Now she’s been kind enough to tackle our DorkUp Questions.  Check out the interview below along with photos of her insanely cute critters!

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Rewilding Britain

What could be better than rewilding 🙂

The Earthbound Report

rewilding britainA new charity launched last week, Rewilding Britain. It was a matter of time. There’s been a buzz about rewilding in the last couple of years, a growing sense of movement, but without any organisations dedicated specifically to rewilding. Projects have been on the local level, and as far as I can tell nobody has been working on rewilding advocacy or education.

So Rewilding Britain emerges neatly into a niche in the ecology of environmental charities, dedicated toinspire, inform and build a wider movement for rewilding.” The organisation is inspired by George Monbiot’s book Feral, which is no surprise to me at all. If George hasn’t written the copy for the website, then they’ve borrowed liberally from his words: “Rewilding offers hope for wildlife, for humanity, for the planet. It’s our big opportunity to leave the world in a better state than it is today. To…

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