Fairtrade Curly Windmill cake

Its fairtrade fortnight and the Fairtrade Foundation have lots of cool fairtrade competitions on their facebook page. I decided to enter the baking competition, so for your delight I present the fairtrade curly windmill cake!
Well they did say go over the top:

#255 – Food

Normally for Sunday Scribblings i would write a poem, but as the theme is food, I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about the Foodie Cool Board.
for about as long as I have been blogging, I have been cooking, R and I have eaten it and then I have blogged including a score, from the awesome subzero, through cool, ok and down to uncool.

It has included all sorts of yummy things, quite a lot from Jamie Oliver’s magazine, along with some recipes I learnt from my mother – I would love it if you took a  little journey with R and I enjoying food and the Foodie Cool Board as much as we have!

Beef curry

I have slipped a bit over the last month and have been resorting to pizza and the like a bit too much – bought pizza at that (eek). 
But its back to form now and something from the latest Jamie Oliver magazine – a beef curry which was about as quick to make as the bought pizza – but much yummier.
Fried beef, a few spices, some ginger and garlic, coconut milk, (didnt have any of the curry leaves he suggested)and at the end bean sprouts, served with noodles. 
And because we like it, lime pickle – this meal gets a cool, possibly even subzero (although that might be the effect of all that pizza) rating from us:

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30 minute meals and great cake bake

I have to say, when I saw the kind of food in Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals, I thought, 30 minutes… yeah right. But you know, he isn’t joking. I have tried the sea bass with spicy sweet potato and greens – it was one of the nicest meals R and i have had in ages and it gets a resounding subzero from us.

On another cooking matter, the young people I work with are hosting a cystic fibrosis trust great cake bake sale at lunch time today, the money going to the trust in memory of their dear friend – so it has been cake making all round – I made about 50 and I think I shall be taking the least cake…

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Salmon, garlic and fennel

As the latest Jamie Oliver magazine is out, it was time to try a new recipe, this time salmon with a very yummy sauce. This had garlic, fennel, tomatoes, dill and mint in it. 
As I had been at my micro-plot the day before, we also had a huge pie of spinach to eat, hence the potato and spinach cakes to go with the fish.  Both R and I really enjoyed this meal and it gets a foodie cool board rating of subzero from us:

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Mushroom Cake

This is not, as you might imagine from the name, made from mushrooms… it just looks like one. I made a two egg Victoria sponge, covered the bottom and sides in marzipan (stuck on with apricot jam). them I made chocolate butter icing for the top and used a fork for the lines, made a marzipan stalk and voila:

One mushroom cake. Its a family favourite and gets a rating of subzero from all of us 🙂