#vegan dinner and home made cheesecake ( #recipe )

Tonight we had falafel, potato, spinach and onion cakes, stir fry onion, leek, broccoli and soy sauce, fried mushrooms. We enjoyed it and so did our meat eating family:


For afters we had my my own vegan cheesecake:


And here’s the recipe:

2 packs of violife creamy
1 oatly cream
A slug of vitafiber

Ginger nut biscuits

Crush biscuits, melt vitalite, combine and press into dish, refrigerate while making toping.

Mix vitafiber and oatly then heat and boil for about 30 seconds then combine with violife and use a hand mixer until smooth.

Pour over base and refrigerate. When set add toping of choice.


Quick #vegan #curry and the best ever #chocolate pud

So Fridays are really busy and I don’t have much time to cook and eat tea before I go back out to work. Enter chickpea curry:

Boil rice, in the meantime add to a saucepan tinned tomatoes, tinned chickpeas and curry paste.

Half way through rice boiling adda load of spinach to the curry.


Seriously, it took 20 minutes, and I could make vegan chocolate microwave cake with defrosted cherries while it was:


Cheap, easy and tasty, it gets a cool for the curry and subzero for the pudding from us 🙂

The part time #vegan and home made #pizza

R and I have decided to go vegan… Mostly. The thing is, we love food and we love eating out with other people and being a vegan would pretty much make that experience miserable for everyone.
But we also care deeply about the environment, so we have found a compromise – we have started eating vegan when it is just him and me, and carry on eating everything with others.

Which brings me to the pizza:


This was home made pizza dough with chilli, humous, olives, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and a teensy bit of BBQ sauce. It was so yummy we were glad to have it for lunch the next day:


And as far as the foodie cool board goes, I think it might have made it to subzero.
Be prepared for more vegan food to appear here 🙂

#255 – Food

Normally for Sunday Scribblings i would write a poem, but as the theme is food, I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about the Foodie Cool Board.
for about as long as I have been blogging, I have been cooking, R and I have eaten it and then I have blogged including a score, from the awesome subzero, through cool, ok and down to uncool.

It has included all sorts of yummy things, quite a lot from Jamie Oliver’s magazine, along with some recipes I learnt from my mother – I would love it if you took a  little journey with R and I enjoying food and the Foodie Cool Board as much as we have!