Finding ways to #reduce and #reuse rather than #recycle

We all know that the whole “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” thing is in order of preference as far as caring for the earth goes. Which is why I am scouring Pinterest for home made house hold recipes. Using a lemon to clean the microwave has to have less impact than nasty chemicals and the plastic bottle it comes in.

And I am sure I can buy bigger bottles of olive oil and honey than I can your average hair mask… and definitely less chemicals there.

While I am dubious of the effectiveness of home made deodorant, its got to be worth a try right?

So lovely human beans… do you have anything else I can add to my Pinterest board?

Wombling free

And as the song goes, “making good use of the things everyday folk leave behind”
Or in the case of today’s dog walk, a ball for Atom to play with and a bag for me to put it in:

It is the happier side of the nasty fly tipping in the woods behind our house.
Ah well, the dog has a new toy and our morning walk was lovely.
While I waited for Atom to finish a particular sniff, I took the time to watch the finches pottering in a tree. The RSPB website tells me they were probably siskins.
It has made my morning and reminded me once again of the importance to stop, listen and take note.
Something which works well with people as well as birds.