The new #garden

I have finally had some time and weather to get on in the new garden.
We have a north facing garden so I am growing veg out the front of the house.
Out the back, a new challenge for me, growing plants that aren’t so worried by the shade.
I’m loving it.
We have finally moved to a place where we are happy to choose place over jobs. Unless we get the divine “it’s you” we intend to stay put forever.
So I am looking forward not only to the first year of this garden, but many more too.
After fifteen houses in twenty years, I can’t begin to tell you how happy staying put makes me:






Three Colours


Orange, green and brown – the colours of  change, hope and comfort:

Growing things has always brought me comfort – nothing remains the same in the garden, winter never lasts, new blooms come.

Where there is now nothing, in the late spring early summer there will be orange sweet peas – my little green frog, hoping the seeds will all germinate 😀

sweet peas 1

sweet peas 2

sweet peas 3

#291 – Operation

for Sunday Scribblings

There is something about your sweet earth
and the things you cause to grow in it
There is something about the trees, the birds, the air
You have operated on my heart.

I find you close as I tend the plants we chose together
you drawing me in love to colour, form and leaf
There is something about the warm spring sun on my face
You have operated on my heart

On my knees in the garden
tending to plants
there a little part of heaven kisses the earth
and you operate on my heart.

The People’s Garden

Well. I finished volunteering at the People’s Garden today. I’m not leaving entirely as I will continue to put stuff up on their blog – you can see what I put up today here.
I’m leaving because with our impending house move and selling of our second car (environmental victory, hurrah!) I wont have time to cycle to the project and then to work on a Friday morning – so its time to find a volunteering opportunity close to (our new) home. In the meantime, some People’s Garden photos:

Not much to see yet

There is never much to see in January, but it was so warm this afternoon I had my first chance in the garden. 
This meant a bit of tidying and moving round – as we now have the allotment, I have the luxury of growing flowers and herbs in the back yard. I have planted some of the flowers that were in pots – making room for more pots when the time comes.
I am very much looking forward to the growing season this year!

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