More flowers…

I have had a garden voucher for about two years, and as there was a plant sale at Dobbies, I spent it today. There is officially no more room for flowers in the garden now ( although I have plans for more fruit and veg):


First sowing of the season in the #garden

Today has been just beautiful in the garden and it has given me the chance to get vegetable seeds in the ground.


I have sown squash, broccoli, kale, onion, radish, spinach, carrot, red peppers and herbs.
That just leaves spinach beet and runner beans to sow later.
I’m looking forward to eating our own  veg once again as it all got disrupted by  moving house (again).

Anyway, here’s  to growing food instead of lawns!

More #garden #happiness

My parents visited for the weekend and came bearing many gifts in plant form, so the border  and my little sun trap are looking just lovely now:



Also R and my dad carried the fig tree through from its temporary home out the front of the house so it’s all good.

Today the sun has come out for a little while so along with putting my new plants in, I spent time watering everything in, in the sunshine.
That is probably my definition of happiness 🙂

The new house, first proper time in the #garden

We always seem to move in winter. I’m glad that our intention is to stay put this time, I would dearly like to see a garden into its third summer.
Anyway, winter has the advantage of the full growing season ahead and today I began my vegetable patch.
It is more pertinent than ever since R and I became vegans.

Growing our own food is one.of those things which is at the heart of my world view and I am glad to have dug the first border:


I’m digging two three meter by half a meter borders because that’s the size of the cloches I have. Our youngest dog was “helping” me:


It has started to rain so I have.come in.for a cup of tea and to write this, which suits the oldest pooch just fine:


There isn’t much space in our new garden what with decking, fish pond complete with inherited fish and two sheds, but I am determined we will eat as much home grown food as I can muster.


#Garden planning

This is our garden:


Full of weeds and dog toys. It also houses all the plants I brought with me when we moved in December, but as you can see, it can barely be called a garden.
So i have been planning and in the winter I hope to take out all the plants, put in trellis, grass and other delights and then replant… Like this:


So hopefully, come the spring, we really will have a garden, not just a back yard.