Global warning: a repost from #40acts

This action and it’s blog post couldn’t be more important, I reccomend it to you:

Act 21: Global warning

Creation is in trouble. Scientists predict new global crises every other day, and our governments are under increasing pressure to do something about it. But really, much of the problem lies with us. Small things, every day, make a difference. It’s the difference between leaving a legacy of destruction and ensuring life for those who come after us.

Read today’s blog by Emma Greenwood from Liberti Magazine and pick your actions:


We want to know: what are you going to change? Got any green tips for us and your fellow 40activists? Simply use #40acts on social media, send us an email, or text your videos/photos to +447468404040 via WhatsApp. We’ll feature them on our weekly 40acts LIVE broadcast!

#timetotalk addendum

Today the lovely people at the Blurt Foundation posted this on their instagram:


It’s so true. I hate having to spend so much time and effort just to remain well.
Others sail through the week without so much as a thought to the fact that they are well – it is taken for granted.
Don’t get me wrong, I am so very grateful to be well. I notice it all the time and thank  God for it.
But all the same. All that time and energy spent maintaining wellness. Imagine what I could do if being well was effortless and I could use all that energy for something else. Imagine the projects that could be started, the goals achieved…
So yes, this little cartoon does indeed, say it all.

#Poetry – my first #sonnet – A Sonnet of Dark and Light

I have been inspired by Radio 4’s recent day of poetry to have a go at writing sonnets… this is my first attempt:

A Sonnet of Dark and Light

How slow these dark and trouble filled nights can go.
The clouds swirling in oppressive plumes and drown
Any thought of starlight or gentle moon glow,
The one comfort is duvet wrapped around.

Here morning light comes in grey and mellow
Cocooning bed warmth slowly receding
And hot steaming tea a welcome fellow
It washes the last tangles of mourning.

Now the greatest choice lies ahead, bright day
Or sapping night, the way forward is mine
A choice to take or waste fretting away
The power here to take up is divine.

A bright future of soft gentle moonlight
and a heart filled with given love so bright.

A life I aspire to

Jesus said it first:

 “Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.
Matthew 6:19-21

But if course I live in the affluent west. R and I aren’t exactly well off by. British standards, but in the grand scheme of things… We are.

It means to take this seriously is a big challenge. For a start, I have a lot of stuff that really, I just don’t need. And then there are all the nice things I would like to do, and lets face it, going to the cinema is treasure of the earthly variety.

Not that I wish to be an ascetic, and I don’t think  Jesus meant that. There is nothing wrong with the cinema, but when it matters more than Jesus’ command to move your neighbour, you know your life is getting rusty.


I have been inspired by a couple of articles recently, one about how equality really is possible and the other a book on decluttering which is now on my wish list (I know, another possession!).

I thought you might find them interesting too:

Welcome to Marinaleda: The Spanish Anti-Capitalist Town With Equal Wage Full Employment and $19 Housing

Can KonMari transform your business?

On the move again

In three weeks time, R and I will both be living in Kent.
The house goes on the market this week and he moves first as his job starts soon.

We weren’t expecting to leave Thetford so soon, but the time is right. I will very much miss the dear people I work with and those i worship with, who have become valued friends.

I came to Thetford in trepidation, initially, I never wanted to work for any kind of Christian organisation again, having been hurt badly. But God has used the precious people I work with to restore my faith in people and my church to show me again how authentic Christians can be.

God has brought me such healing through them, and this:






I will miss you Thetford.

#poetry You make the way

With every breath
I see you
Your better nature,
Balm to my
Dust caked soul.
You make the way.

It is on the road
That we meet you,
It’s the journey
That makes us,
The now which
Forms us.
You make the way.

And in each leaf
Every blade of grass
In bird song and rain
In clear blue sky
And movement of trees,
I see you.
You make the way.


#mindfulness, #God and the present moment

I’m on day 29 of the headspace app, and at the moment I am supposed to be doing a particular mindful exercise. Each time I get up or sit down I am to be present to the movement as it happens.
It is ridiculously difficult. Who would have thought?
I mean all it is is getting up and sitting down! It’s a good exercise and makes the point about being present to your own life.


While I was thinking about all this, God spoke to me, and said:

You know when I sit and when I rise;
    you perceive my thoughts from afar.
Psalm 239:2

Oh wow ❤

Think about it, I’m not even that present to myself, and yet God is.

What love. It fills me with joy just thinking about it.
I long to be present to God in that way, and present to other people. Surely this kind of presence, of selfless attention, is the road to loving God and neighbour, the two things Jesus says everything else hangs on.

Perhaps my mindfulness meditation and practices might help me with this most beautiful of things.