Veg with everything

I’m trying to be more healthy, to keep my life in balance, and be better able to combat stress… and food wise this means more vegetables! 
I’m trying to do the thirds rule by making sure my plate has a third carbs a third protein and a third veg.
Hence having spinach on top of my scrambled egg and spaghetti hoops on toast this lunch time:

It was really yummy and therefore gets a foodie cool board rating of cool from me.

Vegetable lasagne

Last lot of food for a bit…  We like our meat, but every now and then we get a hunger on for something veggie – so home made vegetable lasagne it is – or you can omit the cheese sauce for a milk free vegetable bake:
chop all the veg you fancy – fry things like carrots and onion first,
then add the rest and fry until it begins to go soft
I cooked aubergines separately so I could layer them, then the rest of the veg (then cheese sauce and lasagne)
Add some herbs to your veg,
then the tomato, and in the meantime,
make some white sauce and add the cheese:
then layer your veg, sauce and lasagne sheets and cook for about 50 minutes
yum 🙂
I like lasagne more than R does – he would give it a Foodie Cool Board rating of ok whereas I would give it a cool.
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Pomegranate and walnut chicken

More food from the latest Jamie magazine. This looked a bit fiddly but in the end turned out to be fairly straight forward, although mine was an approximation of the recipe as I didn’t have everything – for example I couldn’t find any pure pomegranate juice so I had to reduce it for much longer and i expect it would have been more sticky sweet if I had had the real deal. 

And of course chips weren’t part of the recipe – not very posh I know, but we really enjoyed this meal all the same, and gave a it a Foodie Cool Board rating of – cool.  This is R’s photo by the way – I thought it was really good!

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Beef curry

I have slipped a bit over the last month and have been resorting to pizza and the like a bit too much – bought pizza at that (eek). 
But its back to form now and something from the latest Jamie Oliver magazine – a beef curry which was about as quick to make as the bought pizza – but much yummier.
Fried beef, a few spices, some ginger and garlic, coconut milk, (didnt have any of the curry leaves he suggested)and at the end bean sprouts, served with noodles. 
And because we like it, lime pickle – this meal gets a cool, possibly even subzero (although that might be the effect of all that pizza) rating from us:

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Christmas Cooking – Cranberry Bakewell

 I really love cooking when I have time to do it properly, even if it goes wrong like yesterdays chocolate log disaster.
Today I have been trying a Cranberry Bakewell recipe. Its still in the oven so we shall see – I reckon it will get a rating of cool from my family tomorrow. In the meantime, I took a few photos of the cranberries with R and I’s combined birthday and Christmas present from everyone – we got it this week because it was £30 cheaper than next week – always like a bargain 🙂

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Second anniversary meal

R and I have been taking it in turns to be ill. I was in bed for three days last week, he has been in bed 4 days this week. So neither of us have really got round to doing anything for our second wedding anniversary, which is tomorrow.  We had planned to do something tonight as work gets in the way tomorrow… so instead I did an emergency shop at the local co-op and made prawn skewers and home made mince pies for afters (hooray for ready rolled pastry, mince meat and marzipan).

We gave it all a foodie cool board rating of cool.  And as I type  this, sitting next to my husband who is watching TV, I realise that in fact, I would give my marriage a rating of subzero – food and hugs, what more could you want for 😀

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Peoples garden fun day and food

Lots of fun was had today at the peoples garden!  There was… pumpkin carving, mud monsters, the smoothie pedal bike, apple bobbing, halloween hunt, guess the weight of the pumpkin, how many seeds in the jar, face painting, composting (and all about worms) and lots of yummy food including pumpkin soup and pumpkin fritters – phew! 

You can see the recipies for the pumpkin soup and fritters (both of which get a foodie cool board rating of cool) and take a look at a few photos of the day over at  The People’s Community Garden blog.