#vegan street food – Sri Lankan Dahl and last night’s parotta

Our venture in to vegan street food continued today with coconut and lentil dahl with a spicy onion topping all mopped up with left over parrota:


It was very nice, not as spicy as I had expected, but that could be because we both have the lurgy. R couldn’t taste it at all and it has mustard seeds in the topping!
This meal is something I could make in large batches and freeze for quick dinners. Its protien level makes it extra good, the lentils having over 23 grams of protein for each of us, a great boost when boots web md recommend at least 45 grams for a woman my age each day.

So in spite of being ill, we vote this meal a success and give it a foodie cool board score of cool.

#vegan meatballs and spaghetti

Tonight I made meatballs with soya mince, Italian herbs, sweet potato, vitalite and flour:


They were nice but I think they would have been better with chilli, garlic and ginger.

At least they were better than the black bean and rice burger fail from the other night. You live and learn.

For afters I had a vegan cornetto from tescos:


Not as good as Swedish glace, but still nice.

Over all I think tonight got an over all rating of cool.

#vegan Peanut butter banana #chocolate whirls

I made these with normal dough (strong flour, oil, water and yeast) and added a mashed banana to the mix. I also added vitafibre which meant I didn’t need to add any extra sugar.

The filling was cocoa powder, Peanut butter and coconut milk to make it spreadable.


They turned out really well! Tasty, low sugar and a yummy treat. We gave them a foodie cool board rating of cool.

Quick #vegan #curry and the best ever #chocolate pud

So Fridays are really busy and I don’t have much time to cook and eat tea before I go back out to work. Enter chickpea curry:

Boil rice, in the meantime add to a saucepan tinned tomatoes, tinned chickpeas and curry paste.

Half way through rice boiling adda load of spinach to the curry.


Seriously, it took 20 minutes, and I could make vegan chocolate microwave cake with defrosted cherries while it was:


Cheap, easy and tasty, it gets a cool for the curry and subzero for the pudding from us 🙂

Veg everyday – north African squash and chickpeas

I got Hugh Fearnly Wittinhall’s  veg cookbook for Christmas – it has lots of really nice looking recipies in it and the don’t have a gazillion ingredients in them, which makes them all the more approachable.

We had the north African squash and chickpeas last night – i really enjoyed it! R had chicken with his, but for me it felt like a proper meal, not just a pile of veg.

Anyway, we gave it a foodie rating of cool, and as it is vegan, it’s one we will be able to do in hay fever season when R can’t have any milk.


River Cottage we love you

This month’s copy of vegetarian living has some lovely things to eat. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has come up trumps with a new veggie cook book (that’s gone on my wish list!) and they have some of them in the magazine.

so far I have tried Vegeree – yes its kedgeree with aubergines rather than fish. It was really good, even R who doesn’t normally like aubergines liked it.

I would give it a foodie cool board rating of cool.

also in the magazine was chilli and black bean stew, which got a subzero from me, and next to try is falafel nutty roast… I reckon that will be good too 🙂