#nanowrimo or not

You know you are sunk when you get to 28,000 words and realise you just don’t want to be writing the story you are. So although practically I could finish nanowrimo this year, I won’t.

Life is too short to be writing stuff you are not interested in. However I will keep on writing.

I have been reading Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird  and she talks about writing because you want to write, not because you want to get published. That, is a very liberating thing, because it means you can write what you feel drawn to, not what you feel you “should” be.

And nobody likes shoulds.

So today I will write… Something. And when it isn’t an awful first draft, I shall post it ❤

Beautiful & interesting things from around the net

It has been a busy week, so a number of cool and interesting things have been sitting on my phone ready to read or watch. I finally caught up with them all today and these are the best:

From TED, the most lovely visual performance from Miwa Matreyek described as:

 “a gorgeous, meditative piece about inner and outer discovery

And a thought provoking piece about motivation and apathy from Dave Meslin identifying seven barriers to motivation.

Elsewhere I came across Faith Street which has articles from people of all sorts of faiths, including a lot of christian writers including:
Philip Yancy
Shane Claibourne
Tony Campolo
Rick Warren

In the Guardian, Katie Carter explains why she loves running so much… I wish I loved it enough to be this motivated!

And back on TED there is a whole list of videos just waiting to inspire us all to better writing. Enjoy 😀

Photo’s and Thanks 11_09_2013

I had a very helpful advice from Instant Apostle today, having had a rejection letter for my book yesterday. They pointed out that it sounded like a blog post or a preach – which when I thought about it wasn’t at all surprising as those are the two things I have most practice at when it comes to communicating to a lot of people at once.

Of course I was disappointed, but i have decided to learn from it… and do what I know best.  So starting tomorrow, I shall be serialising my “preach” here on my blog – the intro and first bit of “The Zedonk Christian”.

I am thankful to Instant Apostle for taking the time to write back to me – they didn’t have to! I’m also thankful today for the time to catch up with my dad, do the shopping and go to the cinema with R this evening. In the meantime, the park was as beautiful as ever, autumn is creeping on, and a quote I read today has been rattling around my brain: