Mighty Good #ethical underwear

During lent I pledged not to buy new clothes for a year, but instead to only repair and buy second hand as a way to love a little more gently on the planet.
Which I will continue to do except… who wants second hand pants?

This is where the Mighty Good come to the rescue.


I’m really hoping their crowdfund is successful, because I think I could get lovely new pants without welching on my commitment. This is because they use organic fair trade cotton. On top of that, doesn’t all this sound good:

*Made from 95% super soft-on-the-skin organic cotton and 5% elastane for fit and durability

*Styles, fits and shapes sure-fire tested and scrutinised by our friends and peers to ensure the perfect fit

*Brushed elastic on the waistband for extra comfort and style.

*We use eco-friendly and colourfast dyes that are suitable for washing in cold water.

*Has five different underwear styles for women and 2 different styles for men in black, nude and white.

*Styles to suit all shapes and sizes from size 6 to sizes 20 for women and sizes XS to XL for men.

*Has no dangerous chemicals used in the production process meaning that there are no dangerous chemical residues on the fabric when you wear them.

Yes, I intend to save the planet, one pair of pants at a time 🙂


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