The Detroit Tattoo Project

What an interesting project this is. You can learn more on their blog, and this is their story:

The Story

The Detroit Tattoo Project, a large-scale community artwork in progress, is a collaboration between partners-in-art Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova, and Ash Nowak.Kurt and Kremenalive and work in Lexington, KY. A native of Detroit, Ash is co-founder and artistic director ofHaute to Death.

The Detroit Tattoo Project is the fourth of its kind in the nation. It combines poetry, tattoos, photography, storytelling, pride of place, and much much more into an artwork that celebrates Detroit and its people.

This artwork began with commissioning Detroit poet Jamaal May to writea poemas a love letter to Detroit. Divided into 250 words and phrases, May’s poem will be offered as free tattoos to people who call Detroit home. A year-long project, it will culminate with a short film that showcases the finished tattoos and unveils a secret image that can only be seen when each of the tattoos is shown as part of the whole. The music for the film will be composed as a special commission.

If you are interested in participating in this artwork–by getting a tattoo and/or by becoming a sponsor–contact Ash Nowak, Project Manager for the Detroit Tattoo Project.

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