Giving it all away

The Earthbound Report

This weekend Tim Cook announced that he would be giving away his fortune. As the head of Apple, that’s a lot to give away, but he’s not the first extremely wealthy individual to make that choice. A few years ago Warren Buffett declared that he planned to give away 99% of his wealth, and he invited others in his position to do likewise on a website called The Giving Pledge.

I wrote about The Giving Pledge when it launched, with Buffett’s letter the only entry at the time. There are now over 100, including some well known names – Ted Turner, George Lucas, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg.

I often hear cynical comments about this. “They can afford to do it” is one, or suggestions that if they’re really so generous they wouldn’t have amassed so much in the first place. Or perhaps it’s the declaring it that people…

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