#Mindfulness, Incarnation, Grace & the Ordinary

A good article on the Christian walk and the place of mindfulness within it.

MIndfulness, Incarnation, Grace and the Ordinary


The grace of the Incarnation means we can look for the incarnation of grace in the embodied world in which we live. This grace is incarnated in different ways, including the embedding of wisdom into the natural world.

Grace is often incarnated but unlooked for in the ordinary. It wasn’t until the ordinary was temporarily under threat in my life that I rediscovered this truth.

Earlier in November a joint in my back jammed, causing a band of muscles to go into spasm and probably pinch a nerve momentarily. For two days I couldn’t sit up or walk without help. I needed help to get dressed and to wash. Every time I tried to sit up or stand up, my back would spasm again, and I would be literally screaming with the acute pain. I later discovered that I had also suffered an…

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