What is #sacredness anyway?

I have a friend who I am intentionally journeying with. We meet every now and then and chat about our journey with God, our lives, our hopes.
As part if this journey, we have decided to both complete the book Wreak this journal.


My copy came today and even the first few pages challenged me. It asked me to do what it said on the front, and begin to wreak it, but I found a part of me balked at the sacrilege of disfiguring a book:


It got me thinking about sacredness in general. What IS sacred? Of course the dictionary says:

Considered to be holy and deserving  respect, especially because of a  connection  with a god.
Considered too important to be changed.

In some ways I agree, God himself is sacred, deserving respect, and he is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

But surely all of life should be treated with respect and is in some sense sacred, as the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. But if there is one thing I am sure about in this life, nothing remains the same, everything changes.

So as I begin to wreak this journal,  I am left with the thought that perhaps because life is sacred, it has to be allowed to change… and me with it.

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