Today’s #poetry Word of the 90’s

Today’s prompt was use six words coined in a particular decade. I chose the 90’s and my words were: Mcdonaldization, facetime,  blog, heroin chic, first world problem and bling.

They say the gold rush of the 80’s
Was eased by our spiritual side
As we entered the 90’s but really
All we exchanged were the words of our desire
For self fulfilment.
Long gone the phone in the hall
Replaced with facetime and the word of the blog.
We lost our childhood in the rush of the global
The world our oyster but it had all mushed together
The Mcdonaldization of culture nearly packaging our experience
In quick easy bites
While teens wanted to be whip thin in.the wake of heroin chic
The bling and the buck a first world problem
While all the rest strive to eat.


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