#EasterMeans Resurrection resolutions

Traditionally we make resolutions in the new year, on the basis that it is a moment for new beginnings.

Well then surely of all the times in the year to make resolutions, now should be the moment.

Today we remember the pivotal moment in all time. The moment where having taken our place and paid for all our monumental selfishness, Jesus is raised from the dead and provides the ultimate of all new beginnings. Life now, and life for eternity in his Kingdom.

So I would like to introduce you to… my jumper.


You see, whenever I wear this jumper, I am reminded of the older lady who, while I was staring blankly at food in the supermarket, trying to choose stuff for work, came up to me:
“Excuse me dear”, she said, “I just want to say how lovely you look in that jumper.”
And then off she went. She will never know what kindness she showed me, or what a blessing it was to me on that particular day.
Or, how the memory of it makes me smile, every time I wear the jumper.

I want that. I want that casual kindness, that loveliness of spirit.

So my resurrection resolution is to hang out more with Jesus. Why? Because one of the fruits of doing so, is kindness. I quite like the look of the other ones too 🙂

I wonder what your resurrection resolutions will be?


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