A thing of beauty, the audio Bible from @HodderFaith read by David Suchet

I was very excited to receive the audio NIV from Hodder faith because audio Bibles are, in my opinion, heaven sent.
Whether you struggle to read for any reason, or the only spare time you have is in the car, an audio Bible can be a life line.

R and I have long searched for an audio Bible we like. Many have American accents, which is fabulous if you are American, but can leave you feeling a little disconnected if you are not.

Here we found in David Suchet, a rich English voice, the words read beautifully and without over emphasis or ridiculous dramatisation… “And then he diiiiiiiiiied” is a regular joke in our household.

The Bible means a great deal to me, and I admire Suchet as an actor, so I sat down this morning with high expectations.
Fifteen chapters into Genesis and I knew I possessed a thing of beauty. I was transported deep into the words I was listening to.

It is as Suchet hoped it would be, a place where you can hear the word of The Lord.

If you are interested in the Bible at any level, this is a version I throughly recommend.


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