#mothers day isn’t just about being a #mum

Mothering Sunday, or mothers day has not always been my favourite day of the year, because I am not a mum.
I will be 40 this year, and you might think that the season would be more difficult than ever.
But it isn’t.
You see I finally got the knowledge that mothers day is about mothering, not being a mum, from my head, to my heart.
We can all act in a mothering way. What I mean is, male or female, having borne a child or not, we all have the capacity to put others before ourselves, nurture others, celebrate others achievements and bear with them in their pain. All qualities of a mother, and accessible to us all.
They are all traits of Jesus, and he was a man šŸ™‚
So hooray for mothers day, hooray for those who are mothers and hooray for every single person who acts in a mothering way.



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