Out the back door and into childhood

The dog and I walked through the woods at the back of our house, down onto the river and back up through the estate this morning.
As soon as we were in the woods I was transported. I am reminded of how as a child, the alternative route, the adventure of wild places and imagination combined, made for a blissful life.

It still does.

I saw deer in the woods today, too quick to photograph as they disappeared amongst the trees. Later we picked our way though a hidden path to get down to the river, and then along past sparkling water and a neat garden on the opposite bank. It was all a bit Alice in wonderland and I half expected to see pink flamingoes and croquet.

I am so greatful for the wild places on my doorstep which allow me to rest in mind and body, to take in wonder and find freedom in imagination. The lightness of childhood has a lot to teach us about being balanced and whole as adults.






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