#Advent 7 A reason to hope

autumn 1

autumn 2

The weather has finally cleared a bit here. With the sun coming out, I am reminded that hope can be found in all seasons. All across the internet at the moment you will see quotes by Mandela or about him, and they are full of hope:


It is a good thing, and it is contagious. The pay it forward movement can be seen in all sorts of guises, from SGM Lifewords giving away good quality booklets and the like, or allowing people to pay it forward, to organisations such as Hope Mob, A Platform for Good and We are what we do all encouraging us to reach out, put others first, care for our neighbour whether we know them or not.

Surely all these things are a sign of the Kingdom of God right here and now. No, it hasn’t fully arrived yet, there is plenty of selfishness to choose from, but it is here and it is coming. That’s the importance of Advent, it allows us to wait for the not-yet while celebrating the already-here. Being a follower of Jesus is not all about waiting to die and go to heaven when your “real” life starts. Jesus came to bring in the kingdom right here and now and his life was littered with examples of the restoration that life brings.

This Christmas, how will we be bearers of restoration and light, bringers of hope? You could do worse than buying a toy for this charity that had all its toys stolen.

Today’s crafts, gifts…

A hat:

A toy elephant:




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