#Advent 2 Art and Worship

I went to church in the evening yesterday, as my parents church had a special Advent Sunday service on.  There was lots of singing and music from the front as well as hymns for us to sing and art to look at.  It was a beautiful way to start the journey of Advent, giving us time to look and listen, to open our hearts to the particular journey Jesus wants us to travel this year. It also aknowledged that the waiting is not just to celebrate Christ being born, but also, that we wait for his return.

But back to the art. There were also, in the church large paintings which had been commissioned by the Diocese of Ipswich and St. Edmundsbury for their stand at the Suffolk show this year. They were painted by the Reverends Wendy Gourlay, Mary Lamb and Caroline Allen.

They are a beautiful act of worship, which of course is a journey in itself. Advent is a time when we pour out ourselves as we seek companionship which God. We long for his presence, reach out for his love and his way. This has been expressed so well through the ages in art and cratfmanship. And so lanst night all in the same place, the old and the new. Scripture written two thousand years ago and songs only a few years ago.

The four evangelists carved a long time ago:

And art painted this year:

painting five paintings

We are connected to all the people of God, longing, waiting worshipping, as we open our hearts to God right now and we wait for Jesus to return.

Another craft for you to make this Advent: tree decorations, part one.

Draw or print from the internet some templates, cut two out the same in material you like and sew together with a little bit of toy stuffing inside. Take your time as you make these to think about what you are waiting for this Christmas, and thank God for all that you already have.


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