#Advent day 1


On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me… A marketing email. Well perhaps not my true love, but certainly a company I consider eco ethical. It was entitled “the true meaning of Xmas” and proceeded to offer me lots of stuff I could buy, wrapped up in the tinsel of caring for our loved ones.

I don’t like Xmas. But I do love Christmas, and the journey to the birth of Jesus starts today.

We have been preparing presents early this year because it looks like we will move house during advent.
Although the mad black Friday/Christmas rush to buy things is not pleasant, preparing a small number if gifts which don’t break the bank is a lovely part of celebrating the birth of Jesus, which is why you will find a make it yourself bit on each of my advent posts.
But in the end Christmas is not about what we buy, it’s about what God has given to humanity.
God’s chosen people waited a very ling time… We only have to wait a month, but the journey is important, it is there to help us prepare and learn, so that finally when Christmas day comes, we are ready to receive the gift God gives: his very self, right here with us.


Not got an advent calendar yet? Why not wrap 24 parcels each with a tiny gift and one of the Bible verses below. Then you snip one off each day 😀

1. Luke 1:26-28, 31

2. Matthew 1:18

3. Luke 1:46-55

4. Matthew 1:20

5. Matthew 1:21

6. Matthew 1:22-23

7. Luke 2:4

8. Luke 2:5

9. Micah 5:2

10. Luke 2:6-7

11. Luke 2:7

12. Isaiah 9:6

13. Luke 2:8-11

14. Luke 2:12

15. Luke 2:13-14

16. Luke 2:15-18

17. Psalm 95:6

18. Luke 2:19-20, 33-35

19. Luke 2:21

20. Luke 2:22-24, 3:21-22

21. Luke 2:25-32

22. Matthew 2:1

23. Matthew 2:1-2

24. Matthew 2:9-10

25. Matthew 2:11

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