To heal and to save

I have just started reading “the message of Luke” by Michael Wilcock. I am reading it along with “uncover, see for yourself” also about Luke, by UCCF – it’s one of those brilliant books which has every other page in it to write notes. The combination suits me very well.

Anyway. Right at the beginning of the book, Wilcock talks about the word sozo, which means both heal and save, and with it soter – healer, saviour. As in Luke 2:11

saviour healer

This idea of saviour and healer being the same thing, caught my imagination. It makes sense really. When you are saved by Jesus, you are healed from death itself. Not only after your physical body passes and you live on in heaven, but right here and now. Walking with Jesus and becoming more like him is an ongoing journey of salvation/healing.

We are saved/healed from the power of selfish thinking, our relationships with other people are healed/saved. Our very outlook on life, as to what is really important, what truly matters in life is being saved/healed. One day the salvation/healing process will be finished when we get new bodies and live once more with God, with no separation at all in the new heaven and earth.

And in the meantime in and through the lives of people faithful to Jesus it is possible to see the ongoing work of salvation/healing. That’s why Christians get involved in community work, ecology, peace making, poverty reduction and so on.

It is the ongoing work of Jesus Christ, our Healer/Saviour.



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