Very short stories on Twitter

I have come across a great twitter theme: short stories. Done very well by @VeryShortStories.
So today I had a couple of goes myself:

Having been written off at school she wanted to return with her dyslexia report in one hand and her 2:1 degree in the other @VeryShortStory

Comfortable shoes & and pouring coffee for the regulars. How simple all this was compared to her secret superhero shift. #veryshortstories

And then I thought, why not have a go at “chapters”. Here are the first two:


It took six months to recuperate from the weightlessness of the journey. All the time she dreamt of going outdoors. #part1 #veryshortstories

Finally they were free to enter the city, her arm still ached from the vaccination tattoo. Time to head for the bar #part2 #veryshortstories

You can follow the rest on my twitter: @knowingalice

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